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Semi Permanent Makeup

Long Time Liner permanent make up system is a gentle method for long lasting natural beauty. Our Linergist1 will carry out a thorough consultation, choose a suited colour and pre draw to create a shape you and your technician is happy with. Long Time Liner is known for its preciseness and procession and you will experience this throughout your treatment. All semi permanent make up treatments are performed in a safe and sterile environment and carried out by Samantha, a Linergist1 using long time liner. When booking your treatment we require a £50 non refundable deposit, and skin test.


Eyebrow contouring defines and balances the face, in result can make you look youthful and make sparse hair full again. Our Linergist1 will carry out a thorough consultation, choose a suited colour, Pre draw to create your wake up happy brows. When you have approved your perfect eyebrow your. Linergist1 will delicately create 3D hair by hair strokes giving you naturally looking eyebrows. No scabbing or down time.


Maintaining your eyebrows

Regular colour fresh to your semi permanent make up ensures your wake up happy make up stays happy!

Up to 6 months from previous treatment £135

Up to 12 months from previous treatment  £185

Up to 2 years from previous treatment  from £255


What is Dermaroller?

Derma roller, otherwise known as skin needling, produces multiple superficial wounds on the skin.

This stimulates the healing process which creates new collagen and elastin.

What is it good for?

- Fine lines andamp; wrinkles

- Pigmentation

- Acne scarring

- Enlarged pores

- Rosacea

- Evening skin tone


We advise you have a full consultation prior to booking your treatments to ensure this is a suitable

treatment for your skin. The total treatment time is approx 90min, which includes the application of

anaesthetic cream.



Derma roller facial (skin needling)  £150

A Course is recommended for best results, for pricing please discuss with your therapist.


Medik8 Skin Peels

Level 1 – The Superfacial 60mins  £60
The ultimate deep cleanse facial to remove all dead skin cells, brighten and improve skin texture.
(extraction, mask and massage is included)

Level 2 – Light Peel  £60
Deeply exfoliates into cells, whilst minimising pores. This peel is also great for brightening uneven skin tone whilst boosting collagen.

Level 3 – Age peel  £65
Actives skin cells to produce more collagen andamp; elastin, whilst smoothing fine lines andamp; wrinkles.

Beta Peel  £65
Improves acne by clearing blocked pores, fights bacteria and inflammation, whilst reducing scarring.

White Peel  £65
Perfect for targeting uneven skin tone, brightening dark spots and hyper pigmentation.

We always recommend you start your treatment process at level 1, then build your way up to each level. A patch test for level 2 and above is required before treatment.

A course of treatments is highly recommended to maximum results, as well as the correct home care regime which will be recommended to you by your therapist.


Botox and fillers

LED light Therapy


1 area  £225

2 areas  £275

3 areas  £325


1 vial/ area £350

2 vial/ area  £450

Carried out by plastic and cosmetic surgeon Navid Jallali.

Using specific colour wavelengths to boost collagen, treat pigmentation, acne and repair skin cells. We recommend anything between 10-20 minutes per session. A course is recommended
for best results.


£1 per minute


Red Light – Boosts collagen, cell renewal and anti-inflammatory

Blue light – Acne healing and management

Green light – Reduces pigmentation and uneven skin tone

Yellow light – Improves Rosacea, calms and detoxifie







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